Bark for Peace! Friends & Fans

Bark for Peace! Friends & Fans

Bark for Peace! Sticker at Chuys!

July 30th, 2008 . by carolineg

It’s kind of hard to see with all the other great stickers, but can you spot the Bark for Peace! sticker? We’re proud that one of Austin’s favorite hangouts is sporting our groovy green peace sign!

Bark for Peace! Sticker at Chuy's on Barton Springs Drive

Bark for Peace! Sticker at Chuy's on Barton Springs Drive

Fun at Blues on the Green!

July 10th, 2008 . by lisaknaggs

We met so many groovy dogs and their awesome people at the Blues on the Green last night! Here are just a few of our newest friends!

Baby Hookah
Baby Hookah

Beau demonstrates his best manners for Bark for Peace! treats

Darwin gives us his best high-five!


And here’s Keith sharing a Bark for Peace! treat with Darwin


Dozer practices patience…


Duncan and Andy share a hug!


Jack barks for peace as only an elder statesman can :)

Marley helped himself to some of our samples


Our favorite Lounger for Peace! at the concert!


Tembo the Bernese Mountain Dog (he kind of looks like our Banjo!)


This gorgeous deaf girl knows how to vogue for the camera


And finally…the Beauty Queen of the Blues on the Green!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to meet us and sample some of our treats! Keep barkin’ for peace! woof!woof!

Bark for Peace! Sticker with Magic Johnson

July 6th, 2008 . by carolineg

We’re so psyched to be in the company of bigwigs like Austin Mayor Will Wynn, Magic Johnson and Austin City Limits show producer Terry Lickona. Can YOU see the B4P! Sticker in the picture?


Published July 6, 2008 in the Austin American-Statesman

Joey at El Chilito

June 26th, 2008 . by carolineg


Joey enjoyed some Bark for Peace! treats while she, her person, and lisa waited in line for late night TexMex at a fav neighborhood hang- El Chilito

Terrifically Tangerine

June 25th, 2008 . by carolineg


Tangerine and her people Tina & Levi all just recently relocated from Colorado to Austin - in this heat, are they crazy???? We’re thrilled to hear than “Tanny” loves our treats and our toys! (especially the recycled wool toss & tug toy!)

Samson from Gorgeous Oregon

June 25th, 2008 . by carolineg


“My name is Samson and my owner brought me this wonderful organic soap on the rope that she purchased in Austin while attending a conference. I sent one to my favorite friend Sarah, a black lab that lives in Seattle, and kept one for myself. After having the best bath of my life, I received all kinds of praise from my human family and friends about how shiny my coat is and how wonderful I smell. I also shared my soap with my best friend in Portland, Dobie, a Doberman/husky mix, and he has reported that he had the same result. I was rescued at 7 months of age and live on 10 acres on Chehalem Mountain out of Portland, OR with my family. I am told every day by my family that I bring joy to their lives, and I return the favor by being eternally grateful for the life that they saved, mine.”

Roxy Begs for Bark for Peace! Treats (but in ever such a lady-like way!)

June 25th, 2008 . by carolineg

We all fell in love with Roxy’s beautiful eyes and spunky personality as soon as we met her! Roxy’s person Robert J. is also a super-computer-Internet-whiz-extraodinaire who’s graciously helped us out at B4P! Headquarters. Thanks so much to both of y’all!

Cookie Goes Nuts for Ford’s Favorites

June 3rd, 2008 . by carolineg


We met Brandi at the Texas State Fair this year where she bought some Ford’s Favorites for her favorite canine companion Cookie. A big thanks and shout out to Brandi for the great picture!!

Kasey Drools Over Sweet Potato Jerky Chews

May 8th, 2008 . by carolineg


“From the sun scorched desert of Arizona, I wanted to tell you all thanks. I just took my dog Kasey (pic attached) for a visit to my friend in Boulder, CO this past weekend. We went and did some hikes with the dogs and Kasey, who has always been fussy when it comes to treats, absolutely loved my friend’s dog treats. When I asked them what brand of treat it was, they proudly showed off your Sweet Potato Jerky Chews. Kasey spent the whole rest of the weekend with a little bit of slobber on her lower lip whenever my friend would pass.”

Chris S.


April 6th, 2008 . by carolineg


lisa met Rufus at Progress Coffee yesterday. What a lover he is–of people and now Bark for Peace! treats!!

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